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Authors: Renee Rienties, Coco Ouwerkerk, Kimberly Legito Geelen
Published: 2018
Pages: 132
Rating: 3/5
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Plot Summary
Ever wondered how far you’d go for love? Would you use your gift for good or for evil? Would you save the world or your friends? What would you choose?

The up-and-coming artists of this book asked themselves those very questions and have sought to answer them with a distinctly supernatural flair.

Have a look, as they might open your eyes to a reality you won’t soon forget.

My Opinion
First of all, I have to mention the cover art, which was the thing that I fell for. It’s a black cover with glossy details and red letters. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I immediately wanted it for my collection.

Sadly enough, the stories inside fell short. The potential is certainly there, as the stories have the creepy feeling that I love so much. The stories were a little too short to properly become invested in. Such a shame, because the atmosphere that they created was really amazing!

The book has three short stories, each made by a different artist. Each artist has their own art style, which makes each story look unique.

I feel like there is more to each story and they are just ‘not finished yet’. I would have loved if each of the artists had gone through making a full-fledged manga, instead of such short stories. Good attempt, but just not it.

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